Weight Watchers – Wk 4

So I haven’t checked in a few weeks with my weight loss progress and the truth is it’s because I haven’t been to class. Bad I know, but I got sidetracked after my sons birthday and ended up going off track for a few weeks. Slap on the wrist to me!

But I made the decision, regardless of the outcome, to bite the bullet and get my backside back to class on Saturday morning and get back in the zone.

Now I swear I am not saying this to boast or annoy anyone, but despite not sticking to the plan AT ALL… I managed to only gain a 0.5lb.


I couldn’t believe it!

If I wasn’t already motivated to get my act together, this was the cherry on top of the diet-friendly cake. So instead of starting away back at the beginning again, it’s like I just pressed pause for a couple of weeks and restarted on Saturday.

For this reason I am 100% determined to prepare and track all of my meals this week, giving myself the best chance on the scales come Saturday.

Weight Watchers Lincolnshire Sausage & Root Mash – 8 SP – with added Hash Brown Bites  – 7SP

I’ve been scouring the internet and Pinterest in particular for some meal ideas as my brain seems to have stopped working when it comes to thinking of sensible dinners to eat.

Like everything else in life, it take time to get into the swing of things and despite my little hiatus, I am back on it.

Chopped strawberries – 0SP

Hopefully when I report back next week I will have a good weight loss to share with you all, but until then I am off to get dinner started… Tonight is something with Chicken… So adventurous I know!!! 🙂


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