Weight Watchers – Wk 3

This weeks post is a reflective one as I just didn’t have the time to do updates throughout the week this time around.

Best snack EVER! 0.5 SP each!!! Doesn’t get better than that!!! 😀

So it was a good week. No real problems, other than not being able to use all of my daily points allowance. I don’t know if it was because the week was just so tiring that I couldn’t be bothered cooking or grabbing something to eat, or just that my appetite wasn’t quite up to scratch, but most nights I had between 15 and 18 points remaining.

These are fab… Even better than the original Walkers Cheese & Onion in my opinion… And less points! WIN WIN!!!

Now I’ve done Weight Watchers before so I know how important it is to actually use all of your daily allowance. It’s definitely not a myth that if you don’t you run the risk of your body holding on to any fat deposits because it doesn’t know when it’s next getting fed. I know this!

But still I went to my weigh in on Saturday super pleased with myself and expecting a really good loss.


I lost 2 lbs.

Now I recognise that this is indeed a loss, and a good one for most people… But I’m a bigger girl and these kind of numbers don’t generally start appearing until I’ve already lost a substantial amount of weight and it begins to slow down.

So 2 lbs really didn’t feel too great.

But… I know it’s all going in the right direction and so I’m picking myself back up off the ground and am determined to push those losses a little higher next time round.

My favourite “free” treat – Strawberries and grapes! Yum!

I won’t be at class this coming Saturday as it’s my sons 2nd Birthday and we are having a party so just no time. I will however still be 100% on plan, and staying well clear of the buffet, so will report back in with my next results in a fortnights time.

Hope you are all good lovelies! x


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