Weight Watchers – Wk 2


It’s Monday and I’m still on cloud nine after that result on Saturday!

I know your first week is always a biggie but I wasn’t expecting that at all. In fact, I was scared I wasn’t going to lose anything because of how bloated I felt. Just goes to show that your body can work wonders without you even realising.


I’ve been doing my research and trying to find low point sweet treats for those (many) times I just need a bit of sugar to soothe my soul, and I’m quite pleasantly surprised by what I’ve came across.


So far I’m still feeling good and not finding it too difficult to steer clear of all the bad stuff (takeaways, chocolate, wine)… But it’s only Monday… I’ll keep you posted!


This has been such a stressful week so far. My wee boy has been out of sorts and so trying to get into a routine has been difficult. I have not strayed though. I’ve stuck to the plan and kept on top of my tracking and I’m feeling really positive so that’s always good.

Baked Potato & Shredded Chicken – 9 SP

I’ve managed to cook a few meals this week as well, instead of relying on the ready meals, but I’ve stuck to pretty simple recipes for the time being. A point I must make is that the last time round I was so much better at preparing meals and such, but having a toddler has definitely made that much more difficult, so a massive pat on the back to all those who can do this with one or more children in tow!

Soy & Garlic Lean Pork & Cous Cous – 13SP


Tomorrow is the big day and I am still feeling good. I expect that it’s going to be a much more reserved loss, than the shocking 11lbs last week but that’s to be expected.

My aim for this week and every week thereafter is at least 3lbs. I don’t think I’m asking for too much with that, and it’s a relatively safe and steady rate to lose at.


I’ve also discovered the deliciousness that is a Muller Light After Dinner Mint… 4SP and totally worth it!


Well I didn’t have a chance to update this morning before weigh in but I can say with no uncertainty that the “bricking it” feeling did not waiver this week! In fact, I’d say I was even more nervous!

I had that 3lbs in my mind and it was even more imperative that I got it because it would mean 1 stone in 2 weeks!

Well… I got it!!! Another 3lbs lost!!!


Meaning 14lbs gone from this dishevelled, voluptuous frame that holds me together!

I got a certificate and everything!!!


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