Weight Watchers – Wk 1

This post will be a bit different, in the sense that I will be writing it over the duration of the week, filling you in on how my first week back on plan is going.

If this format works out then I may use it to do my weekly updates going forward.


Today is Friday and tomorrow morning is when I will be re-joining. Right now I feel very anxious about it. I’m in desperate need of it don’t get me wrong, but last time around was hard going. For those of you who haven’t read my previous posts on the matter I’ll quickly catch you up.

In October 2014 I joined my local class and instantly made friends and felt right at home. I lost 6 stone in just 4 months and developed gallstones, as well as falling pregnant with my son. Matthew was born very premature and within a few weeks I was admitted for emergency surgery to remove my gallbladder. The stress and heartache we went through with nearly losing our son and then being fortunate enough to bring him home meant I put all of the weight back on.

I am pretty much back at the same weight I started off at in 2014 and while I am absolutely devastated at this, it feels even worse than it did the first time. I have no clothes that fit properly or comfortably (because I threw them all out) and I just feel like this time round is going to be even harder because of the extra pressures I have in my life now. This doesn’t mean I am not determined to shift the pounds, but I am dreading the process immensely.

Anyway, I start again tomorrow morning at 9.30am and my sister is joining with me, which is always helpful. I’ll leave this portion of the post here for the minute and will update my progress throughout the week.


So Saturday has been and gone and i was SOOOOOOO anxious joining the class. I know a few of the girls from when I was there previously and the added pressure of having to walk back through those doors right back at the start AGAIN was horrible.

But it only lasted a few minutes, and wasn’t at all as bad as I had imagined it to be… That was until I stepped onto the scales and discovered I was even heavier than I was back in 2014!!! 😦

But… I’m not dwelling… I’m just resetting!



It’s been tough trying to navigate my way through this eating plan again. Trying to figure out meals is the biggest problem for me as I’m a carb girl. I like carbs on top of carbs on top of other carbs, so this hasn’t been easy.


I’ve been going through my old WW and SW magazines and cutting out recipes that look nice and now I have a pretty good  collection of meal ideas to put to the test. Other than that I’ve been living on Weight Watchers ready meals,  chicken and salads, as well as an abundance of fruit! My tummy doesn’t know what’s going on.

But i’m 5 days in and feeling good.



Weigh day is here and I honestly don’t know how I’ve done. I know that I’ve stuck 100% to the plan, but my monthly hell arrived last week and I’ve felt more bloated than usual so I hope that doesn’t go against me!

Fingers crossed!!!


Guys… I lost 11lbs!!!


I am sooooooo friggin happy right now!!!

It feels so good to be back on the wagon and getting healthy again. I have indulged my sweet tooth all week (with it being my bad week) and I’ve not felt like I was losing out on the sugar that I was sooo craving. Weight Watchers always manage to provide great little point-worthy treats for when you really need them and I have definitely sampled most of them this week.



Looking forward to next week now, despite the fact that I know I’m not going to get a massive loss like that again, but any loss is still going in the right direction!



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