Midweek Restart

So the last few weeks have been super stressful with lots going on in my family, so mine and the hubby’s eating has been far from 100% on plan.

But today (despite a Wednesday being a weird day to start a fresh) I am committing to getting my eating back under control. This is or 2 reasons. Firstly, just to get back on track with my weight-loss, and secondly because when I don’t eat properly I just feel rubbish.

It’s amazing that I didn’t notice this before with my unhealthy eating habits, but since joining Slimming World in October I have really feel the difference in my body when I’m not eating well. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that one of the most important parts of their plan is incorporating lots of speed (fruits and veggies) food. Unlike Weight Watchers where they encourage it but you can use your points to eat pretty much whatever you wish.

So I started my day with some porridge. I have both Rolled Porridge Oats and Oats So Simple sachets which I tend to use more than my loose Porridge Oats just for ease. So that was my Hex A & B for the day.

For lunch I had Chicken & Veggie Pasta that I made last night. It was packed full of speed foods like peppers, onions, courgettes, carrots, and aubergine. It was Syn-Free and DELICIOUS!

I had a chocolate craving midway through the day and had a Mint HiFi bar which was fab! I did however want to eat 5 of them, but I refrained and stuck to just the 1.

The rest of my afternoon involved playtime with my little monster. He’s such a wonderful little boy and he amazes me everyday. I know that’s the cliché mummy statement but in this case it is absolutely true. He is so funny and so determined. He just started walking a few weeks ago and he just wants to be on his feet all day now. Fun for him, not so fun for me, but as I said yesterday, at least I’m getting some light exercise (“light” is all I can handle right now)!

Hubby wasn’t in till later tonight so I just had some more pasta for dinner, which was boring but done the job.

However… the sugar/ chocolate/ everything that’s bad for me cravings are still here. I have had to take the drastic action of going to bed at 9pm to stop myself from devouring the entire contents of my goody drawers! 🤐

Why can’t I just eat cake and be skinny???



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