Let’s Start At The Beginning

12140750_10156791330140344_5139928375872780702_nSo as the title of this post says, I’m going to go back and tell you why I am on this weight loss journey.

I was always bigger, even as a little girl. Never fat I’d say, but definitely a bit bigger than most of the other girls I went to school with.

Yes I loved to eat, but not to a ridiculous extent. I just enjoyed my food.

It wasn’t until I started seeing my boyfriend (and now husband) when I was 16 that I began to properly pile on the pounds. It was the usual, staying in on a Friday night, eating takeaways and devouring share size bags of crisps and chocolate. It took its toll.

I reached my heaviest weight at the start of 2014. A number which I’m still not comfortable admitting.

It was a wake up call.

I started dieting myself at home. I had joined Weight Watchers before and knew the plan so I done it myself and managed to lose over a stone. But then I just coasted along at the same level, until finally I realised I couldn’t do it on my own. I needed to join a class.

I joined my local Weight Watchers in October 2014. My class was lovely and I quickly felt right at home. I made friends almost instantly and the weight started to fall off.

By May 2015 I had lost over 50lbs. I walked every day and even joined Zumba with one of my new friends from class. It was the best I’d felt in years.

However, I’d been having severe abdominal pains since January and often ended up in A&E because of how painful it was. I was diagnosed with Gallstones (a side effect of losing weight fast). This meant I couldn’t eat certain foods or it would bring on an attack. This included all greasy foods, anything too rich, or in my case eggs, which would induce the absolute worst attacks you can imagine.

Upside of Gallstones was that they aided the weight loss.

After one particularly back attack on the 2nd of May I was admitted to hospital and was being scheduled for emergency Gallbladder Removal surgery. They took bloods, urine samples and gave me a quick once over to make sure I was healthy enough to carry out the procedure.

I wasn’t.

I was in fact pregnant with Michael and my first child. A very lovely surprise delivered to us by a very excited group of the surgical staff.

So no surgery.

I did however continue to lose weight. This was given the OK by my midwife who told me that I was making my body even healthier for me and my baby.

By the time July arrived I had lost 82lbs.

I maintained my weight at this level for a few weeks and in August I was looking forward to attending my cousins Hen party, wearing a size I hadn’t fit into in years… even with an emerging baby bump.

So Friday the 14th of August arrived and I got dolled up and headed out. I had been feeling quite sickly and flu like that day but was not going to miss it.

My symptoms didn’t subside the entire night and in fact I started feeling worse. The next day I felt just as bad and started having a strange tightening in my stomach. After speaking to Maternity triage at my hospital,  I went up to get it checked out.

I was in premature labour.

My baby was born 4 days later, 16 weeks earlier than he should have been.

To say this was detrimental to my weightloss was an understatement. We basically lived at the hospital for 4 and a half months while he recuperated. This meant eating when we could and in the most convenient way, which involved lots of fast food and canteen delights.

In the midst of all this I also had emergency Gallbladder removal surgery (cue the sadness at losing my only eating restriction).

Long story short, I have put almost all of my weight back on, and feel just as bad as i did away at the start of my journey. Only difference now is I have a very rambunctious toddler running about, requiring all of my energy.


This is my reset and reboot.

I am fully resigned to the fact that I am a comfort eater and will probably always have an unhealthy relationship with food. However, 2017 is going to be the year I retrain both my brain and my body.

So far I have lost 1 stone and 9 pounds (23lbs), with a few slips along the way… But this is a marathon, not a sprint.

Hopefully you can follow me on this new adventure.


4 thoughts on “Let’s Start At The Beginning

  1. Everyone is perfect in their own peculiar way. Regardless of what those pesky little numbers tell you. Eat well, and feel well. You’re not on your own! I have come to realise that I don’t simply want to eat less, I love food! It’s about managing those hidden ingredients they don’t tell you about. Make it straightforward and simple. Don’t change an entire diet immediately. Firstly change your oil. I use coconut oil. Still use it exactly the same way (and although it seems more expensive, it last a lot longer!) and you’ll immediately see the benefits. Cook from scratch as OFTEN as you can, and you’ll find you will no longer want takeaway (I sure don’t! I was a huge Chinese fan, and now I’d much rather do a Thai Red curry!) then you can start changing other small, seemingly unimportant items. Before you know it, you’ll FEEL much better, and you’ll learn to love yourself, and more importantly, you’ll appreciate your good health. I’m no different. But I’m working on it!

    All the best, and I hope to be reading some positive movements soon!

    Josh x


  2. Good luck with your journey! I’ve been up and down the road a few times and I know it’s not easy.

    I won’t give any dietary advice – as that’s often a personal choice – but I will say two things.

    Firstly ‘there is no way to happiness – happiness is the way’. it’s a choice in life and by deciding to do what you’re doing you’ve made the right one.

    The second I stole from Finding Nemo.

    ‘Just keep swimming’.

    I hope both will serve you well. x

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